Squeezing the Grapefruit

Squeezing the Grapefruit embodies a process by which art recipes written by Yoko Ono are brought to light. The piece holds playful awareness, visceral sensation, and poetics in its arms. It is an open and evolving work, fresh, fruity, and sour.



concept/choreography: Josseline Black & Natascha Wöss

performance: Anni Taskula, Ruth Kapelari, Jacqueline Schiller, and choreographers.



Workshop research:

"The workshop Squeezing the Grapefruit aims to explore through improvisation a curated selection of tasks/actions/poems proposed by YOKO ONO in her publication “Grapefruit (1970)”. We will be exploring movement possibilities when working with image-based text.

We will expand our individual and collective sensation repertory in the subconscious and conscious body.


The structure of the workshop follows a seasonal course within her writings (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) according to their time of conception. We invite both trained dancers and the diverse public to engage simultaneously with this written material. After three days of experimentation, a small group of dancers will collect some of what we have gathered and fix a choreography which will be further shown to the world. "


Humour, Risk, Color, Nostalgia, Futurism- all available to those who join this process.




Lentos Kunstmuseum, Lange Nacht der Buhnen 2015

KUK Theatre, May 2015

Raumschiff Linz, April 2015

photo: Elena Catarina Lobera